Day 012- My intimate relationship with Chaos

Got out of bed @ 0930 AM after approx. 8 hours of sleep.

  • Roadwork: done.
  • Stretching: pending.
  • Boxing Training 1: done.
  • Boxing Training 2: done.

Day rating: ☆☆☆☆


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One response to “Day 012- My intimate relationship with Chaos”

  1. Harte says :

    I really like your story today. Interestingly the more you say you have problems writing the longer, better and more fascinating your texts get. The post today has left its diary-type form and is morphing into … a conte.
    Admittedly my person is also happy about the redefinition of the relationship between you and Chaos. Although he surely never was a reason not to come by for a visit, he just … talked too much. Wanted too much attention. Not good for an attention-addictive friend of yours like myself. I am happy he is gone. I think … I believe you are way happier too. Lovely pic by the way!
    Ah shit, I have to go, the bell rang. Seems Chaos wants to crash my place tonight. Sucker!

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