Day 023 – Things I did not know

Got out of bed @ 0700 AM after approx. 5 hours of sleep.

Day rating: ☆☆☆☆

  • Roadwork: skipped.


I did not move a muscle today. Well ok, I did. I had an appointment at my physiotherapist and had to walk to get there. I guess that counts as moving. As does going to the bathroom, eating, talking and of course shooting photos. Yep,.. shooting photos. Somewhere last week after my last weight session with M she asked me to help her out with photographs as a gift for her boyfriend. We managed to squeeze in some time for this today. I am surprised the images turned out decent. Given I have no studio equipment, a small digital camera and no clue about  “abstract body-part”-photography (does this genre have a name?..). Just a few minutes ago I finished retouching them with the help of my good ol’ friend Photoshop and just about at the same time I realized I should start to hurry.

In a bit I will head over to a friend’s house. Jérôme willingly volunteered to teach me how to cook. We will be trying a curry. Before I set out I should nap for at least twenty minutes and get myself as far as to look human again (instead of a zombie. Which is how I look now.) Damn am I tired.
Wish I could have slept longer. Or at least I should have went easy on the caffeine intake.


You might wonder what is up with today’s picture. If you are guessing at what Magazine I am holding up –  guess no more. I won’t keep you in the dark much longer.


It’s the newest Playboy.


I am not an avid reader of the Playboy. I am gay and I do like women but thus far I haven’t once laid my hands on this kind of magazine. Demian came by to dance yesterday and handed me a present. From Alexis. I could not quite figure out what it might be given this strange big rectangle shape, soon though I  recognized the bunny.

“Ahhh” I thought.

“WTF?!” I kept thinking until those exact words came out.

It is the special christmas edition with an Advent Calender attached to it, Demian explained. Well yes, I can see that but held on to the ‘wtf?’ thought for a bit longer. I love my friends, I really do. I especially love their subtle methods of telling me I should find a girlfriend or a fuck-buddy at least.

I am a relieved I was not the only one who has never seen the insides of a Playboy before. Demian hasn’t either, and neither has M. So here are some Quick Facts that destroyed the cliché image we had about it:

  • It is not an illustrated Magazine containing qualitative photographs of women only
  • There are more men than female photos printed
  • There are a lot of men. Seriously
  • A lot of watches
  • A lot of cars
  • A lot of perfume ads
  • More cars
  • More watches
  • Random celebrities, mostly male
  • An article about North Korea
  • A few naked women all working diligently on doing the perfect “duck face”

Et voilà. That’s it. Hope you have learned something today. Gotta go, gotta hurry, gotta leave.


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