Day 039 – Sick of being sick


Got out of bed @ 1000 AM after approx. 9 hours of sleep.

Day rating: ☆☆☆

  • Shadow Boxing/ Plyometrics: done.
  • Stretching: skipped.
  • TRX: done.
  • Footwork/Balance drills: skipped.
  • Roadwork: skipped.


I have to go to work. Time for ‘Sister Act’…


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2 responses to “Day 039 – Sick of being sick”

  1. kingtralala says :

    I guess it’s still risky to do the mind-over-matter-thing when you’re a little daredevil. But for me, too, it still worked best just to do what your body and your mind are telling you. So the mistakes you make will be memorized within your body and your whole thinking – in a way, this makes far more sense than to do what commonsense tells you to do. As long as you don’t overdo it, I would stick to that feeling 🙂

  2. Harte says :

    hey kingtralala, that’s my comment you’ve written there 😉 hehe. exactly what i wanted to write after having read this wonderful, thoughtful, motivating post.

    reading this, L, it seems you are on your way up again on mental well-being. the words just read: up!

    and they really are a mature and strong response too. to the nay-sayers. if you know what I mean.

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