Day 042 – Pray for dollars, work for change


Got out of bed @ 1000 AM after approx. 9 hours of sleep.

Day rating: ☆☆☆


To quote H: “Work sux!”
Now that is deep isn’t it? Oh yeah it really is, and work really does suck. And work is where we both have to be today. And had to be yesterday. So actually we only spent half days with each other. Which, again, sucks. But the time we have shared turned out to be really nice. I like to visit his place since it, unlike mine,  isn’t in the center of the city surrounded by buildings, people, cars and smoke. The woods are close by, hence a nice walk with the dog is a given. People seem to be somewhat more relaxed and overall we do not spend nearly as much time in front of the screen as we do at my place.

But.. some things can not be changed.

Yet, at least.

Every time I am visiting him, I remind myself that I should put an end to my living conditions as they are now. I should finally move out. Going through this thought I got hit by the realization that for the next while I won’t have much money. I have never had a fortune to begin with, nor have I worked as much to have a great income. Except for once my income has always been average or even below average. With a focus on boxing my income will be well below average. Somehow that made me doubt this whole plan. Not for long though. I only need to think of a future in which I sit in front of a screen for 40 hours a week to get me back on my path. Still, getting rid of those random “wantings” that hit me once in a while might prove to be difficult. Moving into a new apartment will be difficult as well. Thus far, most of my attempts to realize random ideas I have had, worked out. And I do have the strong feeling that I’ll find a way to make it all work, I may  or may not end up with boxing as my final destination, nevertheless it will help me be successful in other areas..


Now let me conclude this post with the following statement, just in case you haven’t gathered its meaning: work sucks!!


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3 responses to “Day 042 – Pray for dollars, work for change”

  1. Harte says :

    I’m sitting at work here, reading your post, watching the vid … and all I want now is a freaking finger board! Oh boy, work sux 😉

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