Day 046 – Needles and such


Got out of bed @ 0830 AM after approx. 5 hours of sleep.

Day rating: ā˜†

  • Stretching: skipped.
  • Shadow Boxing/Plyometrics: skipped
  • Weights: skipped.


Last night after I came home from training I was pretty annoyed by my toe nail. I heard about a procedere: drilling a tiny hole in the nail to let the blood out. The next hospital was way too far, and I didn’t feel like waiting and having a doctor do it. Promptly I heated up a needle and attempted to do so myself. A few failed attempts before it actually worked, but once it worked blood came out giving me a strange sense of accomplishment. It feels better today, the pressure is off a bit but the area around the nail still hurts – it has hurt before as well, guess I can’t rid myself of that. Just have to wait, survive another training day and enjoy the well deserved weekend.


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