Day 054 – Anime & sports


Got out of bed @ 0830 AM after approx. 6 hours of sleep.

Day rating: ☆☆☆

  • Daily Burpees: done.


I am easily manipulated by things I see & my favorite Anime character must be Hiruma.
With that stated lets start on the explanation.

While I have never been too fond of American comics or cartoons like Batman, Superman and so on (although I do like Batman as a character), I have enjoyed animes. Maybe it has been my early exposure to this type of style. The aesthetics have been appealing.

Being underaged I used to spent the summer vacations visiting my uncle and grandma in Poland. The house they lived in was located an hour by car  from Cracow. The house was surrounded by a few curious neighbours and woods. That’s about it. I enjoyed my stays. Fresh air felt good, the retreat into the woods rejuvenating and a TV kept me entertained. Sad but true. Some days I’d spent those amazingly beautiful days enclosed in walls in front of the screen hoping the reception won’t be cut off (this happened quite a lot).

One summer I remember sitting in front of craptelly, in between Mexican soaps (Luna Salvaje was huge at that time), Polish series filled with curse words, drunkards and phony officers, ‘Mila Superstar’ aired. I was hooked. The plot is simple: a girl commits to her passion of playing Volleyball. Her dream of becoming the best player in the world is filled with various hardships which she, naturally, overcomes. She becomes a “hero” in this world.

I want to be a hero. I remember thinking this as I decided that I, too, will become a volleyball player. This was five minutes into the series. After the first episode I rushed outside looking for a ball to practice with. I wanted to train hard: running, passing the ball, doing dramatic jumps to reach the ball.

Unfortunately, I have never found a ball to practice with. My career ended before it has had its proper start. Shoot.

The summer passed. The next one came eventually and once again I was hooked to the screen. Another mexican soap played with slightly different characters having weird relationships with each other, polish series were still filled with curse words and drunkards but Mila Superstar never came on again. Damn it. Oh well, not a problem. I won’t be a famous volleyball player, therefore there is no need to watch it. But wait! What is this?! It looks similar to Mila. Except with a guy. I watched an episode of ‘Captain Tsubasa’ and found myself absorbed in it. ‘Captain Tsubasa’ is called ‘Kapitan Jastrząb’ in polish, which is something I was not able to pronounce then. But that didn’t stop me from deciding to be like Tsubasa. The story is easily explained: (I bet you won’t guess..) a young boy has a dream. His dream is to be the best soccer player the world has ever seen. His path to fulfilling his dream is layered with hardships he has to overcome, but through ridiculous training, a natural athletic gift, friends, trainers and eternal rivals he eventually comes out on top. BAAAMM! Another ‘hero’.

“Volleyball just wasn’t the right thing that’s why it didn’t work. I gotta try soccer!” I reassured myself. After the first episode I headed out the house in search for a ball. Once again it was an unfortunate search. No ball in sight.  This ended my career of being the best soccer player. I decided to feel content with plainly watching. Thus another summer ended.

Another summer vacation came. Craptelly welcomed me with its usual program. Some things just won’t change. Except, of course, the anime that’s being played. It was that summer that fueled my love for animes. It is rather embarrassing, but we all have our share of distressing secrets. That summer I discovered the existence of Sailer Moon. Yep, the Sailor Moon. The super-clumsy one with the two pigtails and  short skirt turning into the not-so-clumsy one with the two pigtails and short skirt. I fucking loved that series. I wasn’t too fond about the main character (I am not too much into too clumsy characters) but loved the one who lived at the shrine,.. ehh Sailor Mars I believe it was? She kicked ass.

Nope, after the first episode I did not head out trying to miraculously change clothes by saying something strange and having music played in the background. I simply enjoyed watching the show, drawing what was left inside my memory out on paper and continuing watching the show. I even tried making paper dolls by cutting out each body part and sewing it together as to make it mobile. Eventually that summer of blind fandom ended too. At least I have learned that this type of show is called Anime.

Yeeeeaaarrsss later with the internet connection being faster I kept watching online. I finished show after show. Naruto, Tsubasa (every bloody episode, hell yeah!) and others. Sure enough I found different sports animes. After watching Eyeshield 21, an anime about american football, I, of course, decided it is a good idea to start with football. It’d suit me. I can run over people. That is fun. I was already involved in Martial Arts, in particular with Muay Thai at that time and thought it’d be nice for a change.

I never got to it. I couldn’t find a football to practice with.

Anyway… I looooovveeee Hiruma. He’s the quarterback and genius mastermind behind the Devil Bats, basically a complete psycho. I’d marry him.

Through sheer luck I stumbled across ‘Hajime no Ippo’ a boxing anime. I didn’t much like the style at first, and the first episodes weren’t too convincing. Nevertheless, I was doing about to go to Thailand and start training Muay Thai. I felt obliged to continue watching the series. I ended up loving it. Love how they displayed the movements of boxing. Whenever I feel I need an image to draw ideas from I re watch some episodes. Afterwards my boxing feels much better haha.

Like I said I am manipulated easily by the things I expose myself to. That on one hand is good since I now know which buttons I can use to get me going, but on the other hand, it makes things harder sometimes. Hard to be pushed off track all the time.

Blubb,… gotta go to bed. Too late already.

Main message: animes are cool


P.S.: I suck at doing Burpees and hate them at that. Thus I have decided to do twenty each time upon waking up and before going to bed.


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One response to “Day 054 – Anime & sports”

  1. kingtralala says :

    God, I love Hiruma. I’d SO marry him, too XD He’s the kind of character I’d like to be, though I think I’m any good as a Quarterback, thaha. And I startet with Tsubasa, too, though I missed the Sailor Era (thank goodness). After Tsubasa I played soccer for a year 😉 And now I’m considering American Football. I think we have similar trigger points, dear XD

    And Mila at 01:20 – genius! Drama, baby, DRAMA!!

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