Day 063 – Let me dream on


Got out of bed @ 1000 AM after approx. 8 hours of sleep.

Day rating: ☆☆☆☆

  • Daily Burpees: skipped.


  • Do not think about it
  • Do it anyway

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2 responses to “Day 063 – Let me dream on”

  1. Harte says :

    For over one hour now have I been thinking about a name for your secondary blog. I experimented with acronyms and backronyms. The most aesthetic solution I came up with is:

    – englishdisk OR
    – diskinenglish OR
    – diskonenglish OR
    – disk4english

    I like the first one most. “DISK” stands for “diurnal sketch” and in the case of “englishdisk” (fully “english diurnal sketch”) the meaning would be the same as in “english daily drawing”. Available on! How do you like it?

    Or how about dailydrawa.word(

    • Kayokid says :

      englishdisk is definately the best one, but still not quite there. kind of dislike the english in it. but I do thank you for coming up with names. that is quite nice! Can’t wait for the weekend to come btw 🙂

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