This blogs main purpose is to find out if I can be a boxer. To do that I will give myself 365 days, starting November  5th 2011 and document training and my changing lifestyle. After the set time-frame I shall have a clear view of what kind of commitment it takes to be a boxer, how it affects my personality and how well it goes with the people I care about most.

My finances do not allow me to quit the job I have completely, rather I reduced the hours of work to 12 a week spread out onto 3 days. Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. All other days are to be full training days, while thursday and saturday are to be half training days. Sunday is my “free day”.
Of course this may change over time.


3 responses to “About”

  1. solblack says :

    I am a martial artist (Many different arts) of more than 17 years, and I have learned quite a bit about boxing. It’s a tough sport, but I encourage you to train hard, and learn everything you can, and practice, practice, practice! Keep up the good work!

    • Kayokid says :

      Wow – 17 years! That’s quite an amount. May I ask what arts you have practiced in?

      Thanks for the comment! I’ll try my best to train and practice. Especially with a fight being planned for march 🙂

      • solblack says :

        I began in Shaolin Kenpo Karate (in April 1995), and got up to second degree black belt. Sensei cross trained us in Nan Quan wushu in my last year as well (Just forms and conditioning). Then I moved away to college, and studied American Kenpo Karate for 3 years, getting my 3rd. degree brown. Sifu cross trained us in Savate and FMA, plus a few aikido joint locks. After that I went and got married (I ended up moving 400 miles away and was unable to complete my black belt in American Kenpo). During that time I spent a few years just training alone, shadow boxing and conditioning, and reading all sorts of books and articles about martial arts. I found a few very short lived training partners here and there. I even spent a couple of months training with an Army sergeant and his boxer friend in MMA. They showed me boxing, Sambo, catch-as-catch-can wrestling, collegiate wrestling, but then I broke my ribs, and lost contact with them, and went back to solo training. In 2008 I saw a flyer for amateur cage fighting, and I signed up. I got a match, got my ass kicked, and decided to redouble my efforts, and adapt my training to the demands of full contact sport. Between ’08 and ’10 I had a 5 day a week , 3 hours a day training schedule. I met an Army Ranger who helped me with my grappling, and taught me Army jiujitsu. We started a club, and got all sorts of guys. Trained in Muay Thai, jiujitsu, wrestling, boxing, and a few various styles of karate. I had 5 more fights. Had two more losses, and two decisive wins, and a split decision draw. Then I moved half way across the country. I now live in Phoenix, AZ, and I first found training in Chinese Kenpo Karate here, but that honestly sucked. It was like going back to the stuff that didn’t work for me before. I taught MMA to some of the guys I trained with there for a little while, and then found a wing chun kung fu school. I’ve been training in Wing Chun for two years now, and reading a lot about real world violence, and once again adapting my training to new things. Wing Chun is my new home, and I love it. I’ve gone through most of the system (I have a great sifu, and great kung fu brothers and sisters!) and plan on earning my instructorship before long. I also started a fight club here a little over a year ago, and have had about a dozen students come and go, and a couple have stayed hard core students. We competed at NAGA last year and took two silver medals as a team (I lost my match), and we will be competing in NAGA again in a few months.I’ve learned through hard lessons that my biggest weakness is hesitating instead of dominating, and I give my opponents too many opportunities to get a shot it. Competition is about total dominance. Never forget that. I’m too passive, but I’m changing that. And so now I’m here, learning how to turn my club into a business, and evolving into the best fighter I could ever be.

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